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Face to face with Gargantos - 76205

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Grab the LEGO® Marvel Face-to-face Gargantos set (76205) before the green demon inside attacks you with its tentacles! The monstrous fun of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness movie for kids aged 8 and up. Doctor Strange vs. the Sprawling Monster Anything can happen when a cast of Marvel superheroes encounter an imposing, ferocious one-eyed creature with long green tentacles. This versatile set features 3 popular LEGO Marvel minifigures: Doctor Strange with detachable cape, Wong and America Chavez. The one-eyed green monster has long articulated limbs that create a spectacular effect. At the end of the battle with the monster, the sprawling terror becomes a magnificent display piece in the children's bedrooms. The free LEGO Building Instructions app contains an additional guide that can be used to zoom, rotate and view the model under construction. There is also a guided building process that allows young builders to feel like real experts.

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