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The LEGO® Zoo

by NuiNui
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How many animals are there in the world? Nature surprises us with creatures of all kinds: some can fly, others live only in water, some are huge, others tiny. Animals are a wonderful world to know and respect, but what we will talk about in this book is the possibility of building them ... with bricks! The little ones will find in this collection 50 fun ideas of varying difficulty to reproduce animals of different types with LEGO®, as well as many ideas to enrich them with their own imagination. The author provides useful tips and tricks on how to organize and keep tidy bricks of all shapes and colors, so you can easily find the right pieces at the right time. It also teaches beginners the basics of technical jargon, revealing some of the secrets and techniques used by the most famous "master builders".

Enter the amazing LEGO® world and create your favorite animals

Reasons of interest

  • Complete step-by-step instructions to make 50 colorful animals with LEGO® bricks and have fun while learning
  • Detailed lists of the necessary parts and advice on how to recover them
  • Practical instructions on how to best reuse the various types of pieces, sort them and "archive" them according to their shapes and colors
  • All the secrets and code words of the magical language used by the great LEGO® builders

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