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Barbed Hungarian -76406

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LEGO® Harry Potter ™ Barbed Hungarian (76406) allows fans of wizarding movies to build, display and fly one of the most dangerous dragons ever in the Wizarding World. This reproduction of the legendary fire-breathing is suitable for witches, wizards and muggles aged 10 and up. Buildable dragon with “flying” wings This brick-built model accurately reproduces the black scales, pointed tail and fiery breath of the barbed Hungarian dragon. The legendary creature, in addition to being a rewarding construction, is also a spectacular exhibit. In addition, the dragon is equipped with a handle that allows you to reproduce the realistic movement of the articulated wings flapping in flight, with a wingspan of 40 cm. The set features a solid base to display the collectible dragon on and features a Harry Potter minifigure riding his broom. The magic continues with the free LEGO Building Instructions app that allows you to zoom and rotate the model while building.

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