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Il libro dei Treni LEGO® - Holger Matthes

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Learn the model-making process from start to finish, including the best ways to choose scale, wheels, motors, and track layout. Get advice for building steam engines, locomotives, and passenger cars, and discover fresh ideas and inspiration for your own LEGO train designs.

Inside you'll find:

  • A historical tour of LEGO trains
  • Step-by-step building instructions for models of the German Inter-City Express (ICE), the Swiss “Crocodile,” and a vintage passenger car
  • Tips for controlling your trains with transformers, receivers, and motors
  • Advice on advanced building tech­niques like SNOT (studs not on top), micro­striping, creating textures, and making offset connections
  • Case studies of the design process
  • Ways to use older LEGO pieces in modern designs

For ages 10+

Author Bio 

Holger Matthes is a hobbyist who has been building with LEGO since 2000. He was involved in the creation of various official LEGO projects such as the Hobby Train set #10183 and frequently presents his models and gives workshops at LEGO exhibitions worldwide.

Table of contents 

Foreword by Michael Gale


Part I: A History of LEGO Trains
Part II: Basic Principles
Part III: Designing Your Own Models
Part IV: Case Studies in Design
Part V: Building Instructions!

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